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Security Deposit

Upon signing the contract, paying prorated rent, and moving in, we also ask you to pay a refundable security deposit.

The security deposit amount you will be expected to pay will depend on a few different things like, the size of the unit and if you are a current or new tenant.

Transferring or Renting Additional Units

If you are a current tenant who is looking to transfer to a larger or smaller unit, or if you are looking for an additional unit, you will not need to pay the security deposit. Your security deposit will transfer over to the other unit or if you are getting another unit, you will not need to pay multiple deposits; the first one will do.

Unit Sizing

We have a variety of unit sizes to choose from! We have units that are perfect for college students needing a little extra space or we have units big enough to store boats for the winter. Depending on the size you choose to rent, the security deposit amount will change. Please view the pricing below to get an idea for how much you will be paying:

$25 Security Deposit








$50 Security Deposit






$100 Security Deposit


If you have any questions about our security deposit rates and how they correlate with unit sizes, please contact the office manager at 435.764.2222 or email them at We would be happy to answer your questions or find the unit that best fits your needs. Thank you!

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